What Our Customers Say

We love to go out. Yesterday we found this delicious place which we didn't now before. We had a lovely experience there with very good meal and a well-trained team and a professional cook. We put this venue in our list and we shall certainly return soon. We highly recommend.


I've been there multiple times with my family and came back always great! Tonight I went ther on my own to get my own food for takeout. I got the chicken enchilada dinner with no onions and oh my god is was HEAVEN! With a bonus, the girls and staff there were super super nice! It;s definitely worth coming back to!

I stumbled across this place today completely randomly. The name seemed familiar because my mom loved a place called Trini and Carmen's in Oakland county. I pulled in and inquired if any relation and sure enough it is! My mom passed away in 2014 and finding this spot which is somewhat near to my home verses the other location was heaven sent! I met Michelle, the granddaughter of Trini and Carmen, who shared a smile with me when I told her the story and showed her my moms picture. I left with the most amazing burrito and she surprised me with a piece of cake! I took my dinner to the water and enjoyed every bite thinking I'd my mom.
Thank you so much! I'll definitely be back again and again!


I would like to take the time to tell everyone about the wonderful things that this restaurant has done for our Seniors Home in New Baltimore. Michelle the owner and her staff makes meals for use in this bad time. A lot of our residents can't cook or go shopping for food. About twice a week she will call and tell me she has 5gals of soup they made for use. They are planning to do a Xmas dinner for us. Any residents that need a meal all they have to do is come over. We love them!

I have tried almost the whole menu and love the food. The staff and owner our very friendly to there customers. Would recommend this Restaurant to all. Keep up the great food.

Food is AMAZING..Best Mexican around Michigan!!! Staff is super & they always greet you with a smile

Hands down best hard shell tacos I've ever had!! Great deal for Tuesday's and the staff was super nice and helped me carry my food out to the car due to my messed up finger.

I have only been to Trini's on a couple of occasions, those visits being recent. I can only say that the food offered there is nothing less than wonderful! This evening I believe I have found a dish on the menu that will no doubt become my mainstay, if you will. I discovered and ordered the tostadas they ofer. And the tostada they create there is not anything like what one would get from their local fast food eatery. Believe me when I say it was not only a treat for the taste buds...It was very generous as well. I ordered mine with frijoles instead of meat, a personal preference. Wow! Wonderful! I must say one other thing here as well. The folks working there are friendly and make you feel welcome instantly. There is a warm spirit that resides in that restaurant. It can be felt, to be sure. Wonderful food and wonderful folks and prices that are quite reasonable...Is there really anything else you could ask for in a restaurant? You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Fresh homemade chips everyday! Authentic Mexican carryout out. Great service!