William J.

I have only been to Trini's on a couple of occasions, those visits being recent. I can only say that the food offered there is nothing less than wonderful! This evening I believe I have found a dish on the menu that will no doubt become my mainstay, if you will. I discovered and ordered the tostadas they ofer. And the tostada they create there is not anything like what one would get from their local fast food eatery. Believe me when I say it was not only a treat for the taste buds...It was very generous as well. I ordered mine with frijoles instead of meat, a personal preference. Wow! Wonderful! I must say one other thing here as well. The folks working there are friendly and make you feel welcome instantly. There is a warm spirit that resides in that restaurant. It can be felt, to be sure. Wonderful food and wonderful folks and prices that are quite reasonable...Is there really anything else you could ask for in a restaurant? You owe it to yourself to check them out.